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Danielle + James, Northbrook Park

It seems a lifetime ago now that I met Danielle (then Plumb) in a cute little local cafe with her mum to begin her wedding flower planning. I don't think either of us knew then how our plans and designs would evolve and grow over the coming months. However with a venue like Northbrook Park, I knew it was going to be a special one. At the time of meeting Danielle and James I was still fairly new to the wedding biz, and I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank them for putting so much trust in me and allowing me to really run with their flowers (creatively, not literally - that would be irresponsible).

We decided on a colour palette of blush and dusky pinks, with a 'pop' of cerise in the bridal flowers to make it stand out. With Danielle and James having their ceremony in the gorgeous 'Vine Room' it was inevitable that we were going to dress THAT fireplace. We decided on the wilder the better to really make an impact, and I've got to admit I really was over the moon with the finished piece...

Danielle's 'maids were dressed in stunning dusky pink floor-length gowns, and held bunches of peony, frilly garden roses and gorgeous smelling sweet peas.

There were so many elements to this wedding that I absoloutely loved, its impossible for me to pick a favourite (although that fireplace is a really strong contender). One element definitely in the running, was the carnation curtain backdrop that we created to line the pergola walkway from the Vine Room to the reception room..

This wedding was genuinely a joy to create from start to finish, and it was an extra bonus to have gained a friendship with the gorgeous Danielle. I've got a feeling I'll be waaaay over-sharing this wedding, all thanks to the incredible pictures by photographer (and wedding guest) Tom Griffiths.

Heres a look at the rest of their Pinterest-worthy day, and can we just appreciate how much of a bloody GODDESS this bride is?! Congratulations to the new Mr + Mrs Allen x

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