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Ben + Bobi, Stationers Hall

When Ben and Bobi first sent over their ideas and brief, I was instantly excited and my brain just went into overdrive. Wildflower meadows in a historic central London venue? YAAAS! Their venue was the gorgeous Stationers Hall, right around the corner from St Pauls Cathedral (and when I say right around the corner, I walked out of the venue's road and practically tripped over St Pauls!) The history of the venue itself is so interesting, and it definitely had a vibe like no other venue I'd ever been to - I instantly fell in love!

Some people might find it daunting, but when a couple says to me they don't have a particular colour scheme, I THRIVE off it. It opens up so many amazing combinations and flower choices, I absolutely loved designing B+B's florals. It also allows me to use as much as what is in season as possible, as that generally means the highest quality of flower too. The couple were keen for me to include flowers that were associated with the counties they had lived in, including Cornwall, Kent and London.

Ben and Bobi sent me samples of their wedding stationary (which they had designed themselves), and also samples of the pocket squares the men would be wearing, as they all tied together. So from this I knew I had to incorporate yellow, pink and green, but the rest was totally up to me!

For Bobi's bouquets, we went for a serious meadow-vibe; a huge mix of anything and everything - wax flower, cosmos, grasses, mint, chamomile daisy, scabious, dried elements + so much more.

Then for the venue decor itself, B+B had opted for banquet style tables (my favourite!!) so together we designed and created 8ft meadowy runners to sit along the middle of every table. We purposely used lots of small, wispy flowers to create lots of movement and texture, and I am SO so happy with how they turned out. That blue of those delphinium stands out in such an amber, dark wood venue.

For the top table, we created a full-length foliage garland, and added a touch of Kent - Kentish hops! Although the time of year wasn't quite right for fresh hops, we still managed to source lots of dried vines from the amazing Hop Shop. If you've not heard of them, their lavender fields in the summer months really are a spectacle to see!

For the ceremony, we used one of the reception table runners, and I am so obsessed with how Jackson&Co captured it, because it looks just like they're saying 'I do' in a meadow of flowers!!

I loved EVERYHING about this wedding, the flowers, the venue, Bobi's yellow nails, just everything. I couldn't have asked for a cooler or nicer couple to have had the privilege of flowering their big day, so thank you B+B <3

Seriously please have a look through this gallery, the squad shots, and the couple photos of them both are just delicious!

Images by Jackson&Co Photography

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