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Wedding Suppliers You Need To Know About

Here at Hedges and Flowers, we're all about supporting other wedding suppliers, and we know how important it is to book people who come highly recommended. So say no more, we got you.

We've compiled the ULTIMATE list of incredible wedding suppliers that we would personally recommend, for you to browse and hopefully book for your big day!

To make it a little bit easier, we've broken it down into sections...


Choosing your photographer can be a really daunting process - will they reflect your day in the style you want? Do they come with recommendations? Can we afford them? Do they also provide video services?

These are all things to think about when choosing your photographer, so here is a list of ones we'd highly recommend for not only their style, but also their excellent services...

There are lots of amazing stylists out there who are more than capable of doing both hair and make up. However, we think its important to have both, despite the extra expense. You want your hair AND make up looking its best on the day, so why not have 1 person dedicated to each to really make it pop. We had a quick chat with Lynette Chasmer Bridal Hair about her wedding do's and don'ts...

« Tell us about you + what it is you do?

I've been in the hairdressing industry for over 25 years and have been styling brides for seven years.

« What are your biggest influences?

I love my job and have many hair idols including Patrick Cameron and Sharon Blain. I am influenced by images on social media, fashion but do like to put my own twist on styles to created my own individual looks too.

« What one piece of advice would you give to couples planning their wedding?

My advice to couples planning a wedding would be to do your research and ask for recommendations. Look at reviews and online presence to get a good idea about suppliers you are looking into.

« Name 5 of your favourite suppliers/instagram accounts at the moment?

My 5 favourite instagram accounts right now are; @thepaintedshack @victoriabradfieldmua @patrickcameronhair @betholiviabeauty and me! @lynnettechasmerhairstylist I'm also following a hashtag #chiapudding I've just been on a yoga retreat in Thailand and discovered chia seeds, loving the recipes!

« Tell us something unusual about you or your business - what makes you different?

I have a bit of a 'one stop shop' when brides have their hair trial as I make and hire out clip-in hair extensions, these are invaluable in helping achieve the style brides want on their wedding day as I can add more hair to volumes or add length to the style. These are tried at the trial and colour matched to the brides hair colour. I also have a beautiful range of beautiful hair accessories that I also hire out to my brides helping to keep ever spiralling costs down. I have a new Jenny Packham collection added for 2018.

Other hairstylists we strongly recommend:

They say your wedding day is the best you'll ever look in your life, so its important to have on-point make up right! And also, if you're fussy with your make up, like we are, its SO important to book a make up artist you trust and also who's style reflects your own.

Here are some other gorgeous make up artists we highly suggest you look up:

A wedding video is perfect for capturing ALL of those beautiful, natural moments from your day. Unfortunately, the photographer can't be everywhere at once, who's looking at your guests whilst you're off getting snapped?

Here's a couple of the fantastic wedding videographers we love:

Does the thought of planning the perfect wedding terrify you ever so slightly (it does us!) In which case it might be a good move to invest in an incredible planner to help think of the little details and get everything running smoothly without so much as a bead of stress-sweat! We spoke to Rebecca Brennan-Brown about what you should expect from the perfect planner...

« Tell us about you + what it is you do?

I’m a wedding and events planner based in Kent, but I work all over the world. Am currently planning a wedding in Costa Rica!

« What are your biggest influences?

Nature, travel, anything really! I once designed a whole dinner based on one building in Lisbon. I try to avoid trends and stick to stylist, but I think I naturally have a good eye for design.

« What one piece of advice would you give to couples planning their wedding?

Enjoy it! You’re (hopefully) only going to do it once.

« Name 5 of your favourite suppliers/instagram accounts at the moment?

« Tell us something unusual about you or your business - what makes you different?

I’m a fire fighter. Well, not literally. But that’s how I see my job. Making sure problems don’t happen, and if they do, fighting the fire before it gets to the client without getting stressed.


We also spoke to the fabulous Nina Beer at Occasion Queens about on-the-day styling. Not sure what that means? We'll let Nina explain...

« Tell us about you + what it is you do?

My names Nina and I run Occasion Queens. We specialise in on the day set up and coordination for any event but have a special love for weddings. We don't do the planning for you but instead give you a really good idea of how to do it yourself and then come back on the day to make sure all your hard work comes together perfectly by making sure it is set up exactly as you wanted and runs smoothly.

« What are your biggest influences?

Cheesy but definitely my husband, he pushes and motivates me all the way and he works so crazy hard that I really admire his work ethic.

Aside from that I would say it is everyone that I meet in the industry. No matter what they do or how long they have been doing it, they all have a story to tell as to how they are where they are today and that really influences and inspires me to continue to drive forward.

« What one piece of advice would you give to couples planning their wedding?

Something on the day won't be exactly as you wanted it. Whether that be that the candles are white and not ivory or your great aunt sat on the wrong side during the ceremony, accept that a few small little imperfections will happen now and then come the day it will just wash over your head and not be a problem.

« Name 5 of your favourite suppliers/instagram accounts at the moment?

Kelsie Low - her stories of her puppy (and her fab photography) really make me smile on a daily basis.

Remainin Light Photo - I fall involve with Maireads photography more and more with every post.

Gay Wedding Blog - some of the shoots they publish are so unique and really original, really nice to see something actually different.

Lodge Farm Barns - Bryony's passion for her brand new wedding venue is extremely catching and very inspiring.

Butter Beautiful - Hannah is a really good friend of mine but also I am literally blown away with every new cake she produces (and they taste crazy good too!)

« Tell us something unusual about you or your business - what makes you different?

We are the only ones*!!

There are lots of planners offering on the day coordination but we don't do planning, we are there for all the people that don't want or cant afford a planner. We specialise in one thing and totally master it.

*that I know of lol.

Quite possibly our fave section - cake! There are SO many incredible sweetie suppliers out there at the mo, from marshmallows to meringues to, of course, wedding cakes!

Heres just a few of our favourite sugary babes!

Tiny Sarah's Cakes

From us at Hedges and Flowers and on behalf of all the gorgeous suppliers listed, thank you for taking the time to read this! And if you share this post, don't forget to tag us at @hedgesandflowers !

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