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Supplier of the Month: MARCH

Our supplier of the month is, drum roll please........


Rebecca is a wedding and events designer based in London and the South East. Oh and she's fab by the way (we can verify this) !

I could rattle on about her love for travel, and her super cute bearded collie Treacle, or you can read about the babe herself HERE.

We also caught up with her and heres what she had to say..

« Tell us about you + what it is you do?

I’m a wedding and events planner based in Kent, but I work all over the world. Am currently planning a wedding in Costa Rica!

« What are your biggest influences?

Nature, travel, anything really! I once designed a whole dinner based on one building in Lisbon. I try to avoid trends and stick to stylist, but I think I naturally have a good eye for design.

« What one piece of advice would you give to couples planning their wedding?

Enjoy it! You’re (hopefully) only going to do it once.

« Name 5 of your favourite suppliers/instagram accounts at the moment?

« Tell us something unusual about you or your business - what makes you different?

I’m a fire fighter. Well, not literally. But that’s how I see my job. Making sure problems don’t happen, and if they do, fighting the fire before it gets to the client without getting stressed.

Follow her here for updates on incredible dinners that she gets to taste, gorgeous venues she gets to visit and beautiful events she gets to design ... are we jealous? Possibly.

U R damn right Dolly, we do love her.

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