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33 days into 2017 and I am writing my first blog post.. which was supposed to be my new years resolution.

Never mind, we're here now.

And that is exactly what this post is about; WE. ARE. HERE. 2017 has begun with the birth of my very own business; Hedges and Flowers floral design. After hours and hours slaving away at Photoshop and other creative suites I am proud to now present my new brand, website and logo (which I created myself YAAAS). Alright thats the end of my own-trumpet-blowing. But I am so excited for what this year holds for both the business and myself.

Re-learning a trade has not been easy and I have found myself often questioning WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! But then I'll find a new flower, or design technique and my passion is reinstated 10 fold. The last few months have taught me to persevere, and to trust that the time and effort you put into something will be rewarded hugely. I am very grateful of the support of all my friends, family and especially my boyfriend Joe, who has shown almost as much enthusiasm in learning the latin flower names as I have and has even been in the workshop de-thorning roses and conditioning flowers (so expect to see him featured here and there, probably carrying something heavy).

I am also really grateful for the reception I have already received and peoples enthusiasm to use me and my skills. We already have lots in the pipeline as well as slowly but surely building a portfolio. With Valentines coming up, then Mother's Day its looking to be a very busy couple of months filled with early morning market trips and green fingers that just


Do keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram for any and all updates and offers on what we can design for you, and if you don't see what you're looking for, just drop us a message and we'd be more than obliging to create something fabulous for you!



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